Sherman Dog Walking at the beach



Pricing: $26 for 30 minute private dog walk; $32 for 45 minute private dog walk

This all weather dog walking service is a private dog walk in your neighbourhood that incorporates important basic obedience commands, good leash manners, fun and socialization. The obedience commands may include the following: Sit, down, stay, come and wait. Each dog walk may also be personalized to meet the training and socialization requirements of the dog owner, or it could be a trip to Sidney or an adventure hike for those athletic dogs, depending on your location. This dog walking service will provide a consistent routine of exercise, affection, socialization and fun for your dog. This personal private dog walk will ensure your dog is engaged with positive human guidance and experienced leadership.

This service is available on either a regular basis or on a temporary basis for vacations or business trips. It is only suitable for dogs who are non-reactive, show no human or animal aggression and do not pull on their leash and walk nicely. Dog walks are neighbourhood based and do not involve your dog being transported to walking locations.

Hours for this dog walking service: Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 4:00pm

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Pricing: $21 for 20 minute private dog walk service

Affectionately known as The Mini, this private dog walking service provides your dog with the relief of a potty break and a quick stretch of his legs. This walk can be a snoop around town walk, a relaxing walk or a fast paced working walk. Your dog can then relax and retire to his favourite spot to await your return home.

The Mini is great for senior dogs who need a shorter walk, dogs recovering from injury or surgery, or any dog who just needs to get out of the house for some fresh air and stimulation.

This walk is implemented when the weather is either too warm or too cold for your dog.

Hours for this dog walking service: Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 4:00pm.

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Pricing:$26 for half hour visit; $32 for one hour visit

This dog visit service can be scheduled during the day or evening and can include the following: Light grooming, administration of medication, feed and freshen water bowl, play in your fenced yard or home, potty break, or just some love and affection. A written or electronic record of this dog sitting service will be provided for you upon your return. This dog visit service will ensure your dog receives all the special care and attention he needs and will go a long way in preventing damage to your home due to unwanted behaviour problems caused by boredom and lack of mental stimulation.

If you need to work late or want to go out for dinner right after work without coming home first, this is a perfect service for you and your dog.

Hours for this dog visit service: Anytime

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Pricing: $60-$80 a day for dog sitting service

This dog sitting service is suitable for when you are away for a weekend or slightly longer duration and includes the following: One morning visit, one mid-day relief visit/mini-walk, one evening visit and all your care instructions will be followed. The focus of each visit will be to keep your dog safe, content and comfortable while you are away. This dog sitting service will help him stay relaxed in his own surroundings with his toys, bed and all the familiar scents of home.

For added peace of mind, you can be contacted at your destination to let you know all is well at home with your dog.  A written or electronic record of this dog sitting service will be also provided for you upon your return.

Hours for this dog sitting service: Anytime

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1. Current Distemper combo or titer test results; 2. Annual Bordatella vaccine for kennel cough and flea/parasite control program; 3. Current Rabies vaccine; 4. Basic leash manners; 5. Current dog license (not mandatory).

Vaccines are required to help prevent our pets from getting serious and sometimes fatal diseases. It is, however, very important that we do not over-vaccinate our pets. So with that in mind, my above policy where I recommend all vaccines are either current or titer test results indicate vaccination is currently not required is simply that - just my recommendation. If you are a pet owner whose veterinarian advises a more conservative and holistic approach to vaccines due to health concerns or an existing disease - we can certainly discuss this further at our initial consultation.

If your pup is currently receiving medication or supplementation, please advise at time of booking as a small additional fee may be charged for regular administration of medication.

Signature Pet Services reserves the right to refuse any dog that is anti-social, intact, in heat, pregnant, ill or injured, recovering from injury, and/or who may cause harm to other pets, itself, or the public or who is otherwise unsuitable for Signature Pet Services.